Welcome to TELLIN website located at www.tellin.shop, and please read the following terms and conditions as they govern the use of our website. By using our website, you agree to our following terms and conditions:


The Present document and any other document mentioned hereinafter constitute together the terms and conditions (hereinafter the “Terms”) governing the use of our website (www.tellin.shop) (hereinafter the “Website”) and any order you will place as well as any purchase you will make through the Website. 

By using the Website or placing an order you will be deemed to have accepted unconditionally the Terms without any reserve and you will be bounded by the Terms. 

Each time you will purchase a product through the Website, and subject to our acceptance of you order, you will conclude a contract with us (hereinafter the “Contract”). The Contract shall be governed by the Terms.  

Please also read our data protection and cookies use policy for information on how we collect and use information of users. (Privacy Policy)

If you do not agree with the Terms and/or our privacy and cookie policy, please do not use the Website. 

Please note that we have the right to revise and amend the Terms. Therefore, they can vary from one visit to another to the Website. It is your responsibility to regularly check the Terms. You will be bounded by the Terms as they are at the moment of your visit or your order. 


Hybrid Tailoring is an online retailer selling quality tailoring and casual clothing for men and women under its branded name TELLIN.

The products you will buy on the Website are sold by : 

Hybrid Tailoring SAS, a company incorporated under the French laws, having its registered address at 2 Rue des Mimosas, 67400 Illkirch-Graffenstaden, France, registered in the commercial company register of Strasbourg under the number : 834 179 244, VAT number: FR18 834 179 244. 

Hybrid Tailoring will be referred hereinafter as “us” or “Hybrid Tailoring”. 


Our customer service is available by email at the following email address : support@tellin.shop and phone number + Any question related to your order, please email at myorder@tellin.shop.

We will provide our best efforts to answer to your inquiries in the shortest delays possible.

Our customer service shall answer any question regarding your order, the products, the use of the Website and the Terms.


Any element of the Website, including but not limited to, drawings, illustrations, icons, logos, graphic designs, pictures and images, exclusively belongs to Hybrid Tailoring SAS. 

Any copy, use, reproduction, distribution, publication or alteration of any element of the Website is strictly forbidden. The use of the Website does not grant you any right on its contents and its elements. 


The Website offers you a selection of items from the current collection and for its duration (the “Products”). The main characteristics of each Product are described next to each item. 

Please also consult our size guide under the section “Size Guide” in the product sheet. The size guide has been made to comply as far as possible with the description contained in it but sizes and measurements are approximate, thus in certain cases, the actual size may vary. 

Please note that the pictures, videos and graphic images presented of the Website are purely indicative and might not reflect the exact colour of fabric of the product depending on your web browser, your device / computer and the quality of your screen. 

We can change the products we offer on sale or remove any products from the Website and we cannot guarantee for how long a Product will be available. 

Any order you place is subject to the availability of the product you chose. If this product is not anymore available or not in stock we will suggest you a replacement product. If you do not wish to buy the replacement product, your order will be cancelled and we will reimburse on the credit card used for the original purchase or Paypal any amount already paid within the 15 days of such cancellation.


In order to purchase one of our product, you need to select the product, the model, its colour, the size and the number of items you want and to add it to your cart by clicking the button “Add to cart”. After each product, you added to your cart, you will have the choice either to process with the payment either to continue to shop on the Website. 

Before you will proceed with the payment you will see a summary of you cart by clicking on the button “Review order”. The order review will mention the products you selected, the price of each item and the total amount of your order. When you will have validated your cart, you will be able to process with your order by clicking on the button “Process Check-out”. To confirm your order, you will need to provide us with your personal and contact details (name, address, email address, phone number), and the needed details for the delivery and its invoicing. If you are already registered as a registered user, you will simply need to log in. We draw your attention on the fact that it is very important to provide us with accurate information and contact details otherwise we will not be able to complete your order. If the information you have given us is not complete and/or inaccurate we will not be able to perform your order. 

After you confirmed your order, you will have to choose your modalities of delivery and your method of payment. When your payment has been processed, you will receive a confirmation of your order by email. 

Please note that as long as we do not have expressly accepted your order, no contract is concluded between you and us. The confirmation of your order is not the acceptance of it. 

After we accepted your order, you will receive a shipment confirmation. The Contract is concluded only after you will have received the shipment confirmation which is the confirmation of our acceptance of your order. 

The Contract will only concern the products included in the shipment confirmation and no other products. 


We will provide our best efforts to process all the orders you placed through the Website. Nevertheless, there might be circumstances under which we will not be able to process with your order and will be obliged to refuse your order after you already received your order confirmation. Please note that we reserve ourselves the right to do so at any time and we cannot be held liable for it. 


From time to time, you will be able to make pre-orders on specific products from a certain date until an ultimate date and provided a minimum quantity / number of items of these specific products have been ordered by you and our other customers. The minimum quantity shall be communicated to you. If the minimum quantity is reached, at the ultimate date, you will be informed by email and you will be able to confirm your order and proceed to the payment. Please note that the possibility of placing a pre-order is only offered to our registered customers. To become a registered customer, you just need to create an account and to register yourself. 


Our prices are indicated in EUROS. The prices mentioned on the Website include all taxes, for any order placed within the European Union, but not the delivery costs which will be added to your order confirmation depending on your localization and the method of delivery you chose. Outside of the EU, any applicable import customs duty and taxes will be billed to the customer.

Our prices can change from time to time but such change will not affect the orders you already placed and that we already accepted. 

The prices mentioned on the Website are accurate except in case of obvious error. If we realize that the price of the product you ordered was not accurate, we will immediately inform you and you will have the choice to confirm again your order at the correct price or to cancel it. If you already paid the incorrect price and you wish to cancel your order, we will refund you. Please note that under no circumstances we will be obliged to provide you with the product at an incorrect price. 

Only the payments in EUROS are accepted. 

You can pay with a credit card VISA or MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS or via PAYPAL or via WIRE TRANSFER.

Our payment procedures are secured: our payment processing solution complies with the market security obligations, are PCI-DSS certified and 3D-secure agreement. Nevertheless, we cannot be held liable in case of fraudulent use of your credit card. 


We ensure worldwide deliveries. The costs of delivery depend on your delivery zone, these costs are calculated and will be mentioned on your order confirmation. 

Our products are delivered, by our designated carriers, in the following zones and countries: 

- ZONE 1 EU : France (excl specific territories), Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany

- ZONE 2 EU : Austria, UK, Spain (excl specific territories), Portugal (excl specific territories), Ireland, Italy

- ZONE 3 EU : Estonia, Hungary, Lettonia, Lituania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Spain (specific territories: Baléares, Canaries, Ceuta, Melilla), Portugal (specific territories), France (specific territories), Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Finland, Greece, Malta, Romania

- ZONE 4 Export (Europe+Maghreb) : Switzerland, Island, Norway, Other Eastern European countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldavia) , Maghreb (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia)

- ZONE 5 Export (Rest of the World) : USA, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapour, South Korea, Thaïland, Taïwan, Viet Nam, India, Russia, Israël, Rest of the world (countries not listed above)

We ask our customers to participate in our shipping costs, therefore we apply a flat fee per zone, depending on the delivery mode : Standard Delivery (at home with signature) or at Relay (Pick-up stations).

7,95 €
6,95 €
8,95 €
7,95 €
9,95 €
8,95 €
9,95 €
24,95 €

Please note that for export out of the European Union (Zone 4 and 5) any related charges and additional taxes for customs duties are at the customer’s expense.

Our indicative delays for deliveries are the following:

- Europe: 1-5 working days

- Outside Europe: 3-7 working days

- Specific destinations: 4-10 working days

Provided the item you ordered is available and excepted exceptional circumstances, we will provide our best efforts to comply with the delivery date set out in the shipping confirmation and, in any case, latest 30 days after the confirmation of your order. The delays of delivery can vary or be extended depending on the circumstances. The delivery dates mentioned on the website and /or your order confirmation and/or the shipping confirmation are purely indicative and Hybrid Tailoring cannot be held liable in case of delay in the deliveries. Nevertheless, if the item you ordered is not delivered within 30 days after the date of the confirmation of your order, you will have the possibility to cancel the order and we will reimburse you any amount already paid for the said order.

The delivery process will only begin after you have received the shipment confirmation, such confirmation will be sent to you within 1-4 working days after you placed your order on our website. The deliveries are performed on working days from Monday to Friday, therefore, if you placed your order on a Saturday, Sunday or on a public holiday, it will be processed only on the next following working day and your shipment confirmation will be sent within the next 1-4 working days.

If the delivery of your order is delayed due to any exceptional event beyond the limits of our control, we will inform you of such exceptional event and provide our best efforts in order to limit the duration of such exceptional delay.

Please note that in this case, the delivery delay can be superior to 30 days after the confirmation of your order without leading to any liability for Hybrid Tailoring. Nevertheless, you will always have the possibility to cancel your order and get a refund for any item you have paid but not received 30 days after your order confirmation. 

Please note that the good performance of the delivery depends on the information you provided us with. In case of inaccurate information such as wrong or inexistent delivery address or wrong name, we will not be able to perform your delivery. After the return of the undelivered items in our warehouse, we will inform you of the failure of the delivery and you will have the option either to ask us to resend your order either to cancel it. All the costs resulting from a new shipment due to inaccurate information will be borne by you. If after 15 days as of the date your order was available for delivery, the order could not be delivered for reasons not depending on us, you will be deemed to have canceled your order and the Contract will be terminated. As a consequence of such termination, we will reimburse you any amount already paid for items not delivered (excluding the delivery costs) within the 14 days after the termination of the Contract.


The products you ordered will be on your own risks and title from the moment it has been delivered to you. The ownership of the products your ordered will pass to you once we will have received your full payment including the shipment and delivery costs and any additional costs as the case may be.


Except for the products expressly excluded (please see below), you have the right to withdraw your order, without any reason, within the 14 days from the day after the day you received your order. In this case, you will be fully reimbursed with all the amounts already paid and/or deducted from your credit card on the moment you withdraw your order. Such refund will be made within the 14 days following the day you have informed us of your decision. The withdrawal is only possible if the product is returned to us with absolutely no damage, in its original state and conditions and in its original packaging with its original labels and accompanying accessories and documents. Any product already worn, washed, soiled or altered in any way whatsoever cannot be subject to withdrawal. 

To exercise your right to withdrawal, you have to send us an email at the following email address: myorder@tellin.shop. We will send you a return voucher to be added on the parcel when your return it. Any return based on your right of withdrawal is free of charge for you. 

Please note that the following products are expressly EXCLUDED and therefore you cannot exercise any withdrawal right for them: 

- Items that have been personalized or made pursuant your specific instructions; 

- Underwear’s and swim suits

- Sealed items for hygienic or others reasons that have been unsealed.


You have 30 days as of the day you have received your shipping confirmation to cancel your order or ask for and exchange.

We apply a FREE and EASY return policy for the following countries :

- ZONE 1 EU: France (excluding specific territories), Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany

- ZONE 2 EU: Austria, UK, Spain (excluding specific territories), Portugal, Ireland, Italy

- ZONE 3 EU: Estonia, Hungary, Lituania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Croatia, Finland, Greece, Malta, Romania, Latvia, Denmark, Sweden, Cyprus, Bulgaria 

We apply an EASY return policy for the following countries (please note that for these countries returns are not free, they are at customer’s expense) :

- ZONE 4 Export: Switzerland

- ZONE 5 Export: USA, Australia

For countries not listed above, return procedures and their related expenses are at the customer’s charge.

We apply a simple exchange policy for all countries: free shipping for the delivery of an exchanged garment (see conditions below). A product can only be exchanged one time.

In order to return or exchange a product, please send us an email to the following email address: myorder@tellin.shop with the reason of your demand. The products you wish to return or exchange must be sent to us in a perfect state and condition with the original labels, in their original packaging. 

For the EASY Return Policy (countries listed above), please paste on the parcel the “return and exchange form” that will be sent to you by email after you notified us your will to return or exchange a product. Thereafter you simply need to drop the parcel with its “return form” at your nearest Post office, they will take care of the rest for you. For Denmark, Sweden, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Lettonia, procedure is the same but is currently not done via your local post office but via DHL, that would come and pick up the parcel at your home. You cannot return or exchange a product if this product has been damaged, worn, soiled, washed or altered in any way whatsoever. 

A product can be exchanged only for the same product in another size provided this size is available. If the other size or color is not available you will be reimbursed on the credit card used for the original purchase or Paypal for the price of the item(s) returned excluding its delivery costs, within 30 days after you returned us the product in a perfect state and condition with the original labels, in their original state and packaging. 

The returns and exchanges are not possible during the period of sales or promotion. 

If the products is not returned to us in a perfect state and condition we will not accept the return or the exchange and you will not be reimbursed for the amounts already paid at the moment you returned the product. 

Besides, the following products can NEVER be returned or exchanged: 

- Items that have been personalized or made pursuant your specifics instructions; 

- Underwear’s and swim suits

- Sealed items for hygienic or other reasons that have been unsealed. 

You can only exchange a product one time.


The products presented on the Website are a selection of the current collection. 

For each product presented on the Website, the following information is available: image/picture, description, available sizes and colours, composition and care instructions. 

We provide our best efforts to give you a description as accurate as possible, nevertheless, the images, pictures and videos presented on the Website are purely indicative and not binding. The product can be different than the one presented on the Website depending on the quality of the image / picture, your web browser, the quality of your computer or device and/or its screen. We cannot guarantee that the product you will received will be identical to the one presented on the Website. 

The products are only available in limited quantities and in the limits of our stock. We cannot guarantee that the product presented on the Website will be available for the entire duration of the collection.

We reserve ourselves the right to add or remove products from the Webiste at any time and for any reason. If a product is no longer available after you placed your order, we will inform you as soon as possible and we will confirm the cancellation of your order as well as the refund of any amount you already paid within the 30 days following the date of your order confirmation.  

We will not be held liable or responsible in case of failure or delay to perform any obligation arising under the Contract if such failure or delay result from a force majeure, a technical issue, any event outside of reasonable control or any cause imputable to a third party. 

Events outside our reasonable control include but are not limited to : strikes, lock-out, terrorist attacks, wars, fire, storm, explosion, earthquake, natural disaster, impossibility to use a mean of transportation (such as railway, aircraft etc…), technical problems with the communications networks, etc…

In such event, our obligations under the Contract shall be suspended for the duration of the event outside our control. If such event shall last more than 30 days, we will be entitled to cancel the Contract without owing you any penalty or damages. You will be refunded for the amounts already paid before the cancellation of the Contract. 

When you receive you order, you have to carefully inspect the parcel and its content including all the items included in your parcel. Such inspection has to be made on the moment you receive your parcel and any apparent defect has to be immediately declared on the delivery voucher. 

Any defect noticed after the opening of your parcel has to declared to us within the 15 days following the reception of your order by email at the following address myorder@tellin.shop. Any claim made after the 15 days following the reception of your order will be refused. 

After you have returned us the defective item pursuant to our instructions, we will examine the reasons of your claim and the defective item. If we agree on your claim, we will notify you and you will have the choice between a refund or an exchange for the same item (provided such identical item is available). 

Please note that when you are handling any item included in your parcel whether this item is defective or not you have to handle it with reasonable care. If you wish to return an item, this item cannot be damaged, soiled, worn, washed or altered in any way whatsoever. You have to return your items in their original packaging with their originals labels and any other accessory and document initially accompanying the returned item. 


Access to and use of our website implies your full acceptance of our users rules and policy. 

You agree to use our website in an appropriate manner, to provide us with true and accurate data, not to use it for any illegal purpose, not to publish or spread any unappropriated content such a racist content or any content contrary to morality, not to use it for commercial purposes, not to change any content of our website or to attempt to alter its content of proper working, not to use to attempt to access or collect any personal data about third parties. 

By placing an order you declare and guarantee that you are at least 18 years old and legally capable to conclude a binding contract. 

The information and personal data you will provide us with shall be processed in conformity with our privacy and cookies policy, please consult it. By using the Website or placing an order through it, you are giving us your consent to the processing of such personal data and information and you represent and guarantee that any information you provided us with is true, complete and accurate. 

In case of abusive use of the Website, we reserve ourselves the right to deny you the access to it in the future. Such abusive use includes but is not limited to introduction of any virus of malicious software in the Website. In case of abusive use, you will be held liable for any damage you caused us. 

The Website is intended for your private and personal use as a consumer and not for any professional use or business purpose. 


The Website can be, from time to time, temporary unavailable for technical or other reasons including updating of it. We already apologize for such temporary unavailability but please note that in such case we will not be held liable for any damage you can suffer from it. 


We are obliged by law to communicate you certain information in writing. By using the Website or placing an order you agree that such information shall be validly communicated by email or electronic mean. 

Any notice you wish to address us has to be exclusively made on the following email address support@tellin.shop. If we need to send you a notice, we will do it by placing it on the Website, by email or via the postal address you will have given us. The notice will be deemed properly received and served 24 hours after it has been placed on the Website or sent by email. For notices made via your postal address, the notice will be deemed made 3 days after the date of the sending of the postal notification. 

If during the Contract we do not use one of our rights arising out of it, this will not lead to any waiver to use such right at another time. Nothing in what we will do can be deemed a waiver of any of our rights in part or totally except if specifically given in writing. 


If any of these Terms or any provision of the Contract is declared null, void, invalid or unenforceable by a court or the competent authority, this will not affect the validity and binding effect of the rest or the Terms or the other provisions of the Contract. The invalid term or provision shall be applied to the maximum extent permitted by law and the remaining portion shall by replaced by a valid provision with equivalent economic effects. 


The use of the Website, the Terms, the Contract and the purchase of products through the Website are subject and shall be governed by French laws. Any dispute arising from or related to the use of the Website, the Terms, the contract and the purchase of products through the Website shall be submitted to the French jurisdictions except if another jurisdiction is competent based on an imperative or public order legal provision, namely based on your quality of consumer.

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